As a leader, do you sometimes feel that you are not getting the most out of the people around you?

Well, you are not alone.

The good news is that, after thirty years of experience and a decade of concentrated research, Dave Ormesher has uncovered the direct link between leadership and performance.

So many leaders struggle with role changes, delegation, key message delivery and team motivation – and many are blind to these failings, unaware of how they are perceived by their peers and team alike.  But, as Ormesher explains, these ‘losing’ behaviours can have only one result – mediocre, or even poor, performance.

The key is in realising the things you are doing that have a negative impact on your team and others around you; and in developing positive behaviours – The WINNING Behaviours® – that will strengthen your relationships with your colleagues and enable you to steer the organisation’s strategy’ forward.

This book explores a number of ‘winning’ behaviours that, with self-awareness and practice, can help you grow into a great leader.

“Implicitly thoughtful and thought provoking.  Filled with practical tips, Dave provides a common-sense approach to leadership”.

Peter Callender – Owner, Coaching North. 


“I have read a lot of books on leadership, and this is up there with the very best”.

Simon Machin – leadership development consultant

As an Individual or a Coach

  • The insights about leadership behaviour which have a positive impact on others and drive results
  • The behaviours to avoid!
  • A diagnostic to provide an assessment of winning behaviours (and losing ones). A combination of a score with insightful examples.
  • Straight forward advice on how to write a personal development plan to improve your leadership.

As an Organisation

  • A demonstrable return on your organisation’s investment in leadership because The WINNING Behaviours® will generate results
  • Compelling evidence that it’s leadership behaviours that differentiate world class leaders from the mediocre. Skills, knowledge and experience are merely threshold requirements.
  • Practical steps to help an organisation support personal development including a common measure to track progress, a leadership Key Performance Indicator.

As a Provider of Leadership Education

  • A simple framework to support the behavioural aspects of  a leadership development curriculum, including a diagnostic.
  • Countless references to traditional leadership literature and a comprehensive appendix to support the argument for The WINNING Behaviours®.
  • Concise summaries to reinforce learning.