Collectively, The WINNING Behaviours® have a positive impact on others, they create a winning feeling that leads to a positive impact on performance.

Through the behaviours associated with providing direction, people appreciate the clarity on priorities and the encouragement to take action.  It leaves them feeling reassured and confident.

Through the engagement behaviours, there’s a sense that the leader is there one hundred percent for them and the open dialogue builds trust, respect and a sense of team spirit.  There’s engagement on two levels with the individual and a group or team.

The behaviours associated with focus on performance provide freedom to act with accountability, whilst a combination of support and praise leave people feeling valued.  Add constructive challenge and the conversation leaves people confident in their abilities.  There’s an energy that comes from high standards.

In leading self, the ability to manage emotions, using either a calming influence in stressful times or energising people to “go for it” whilst showing optimism, inspires those around the leader.  It instils confidence in others.


For the Organisation

Many organisations believe that leadership is one of those imperceptible qualities that cannot be measured.  But the quality of your organisation’s leadership and the outcomes from it can be measured quickly and easily using the The WINNING Behaviours®  framework and online diagnostic tool.

The WINNING Behaviours® will provide a demonstrable return on your organisation’s investment in leadership by generating positive and measurable improvements in performance.  It will deliver compelling evidence that it is leadership behaviours that differentiate world class leaders from mediocre ones.

The reports will identify both individual and organisational development needs.  The reports’ scores will enable you to track and review progress, providing your organisation with a unique leadership performance indicator.

For Leaders

As a leader, the online diagnostic will clearly illustrate the relative strength of your behaviour, your impact on others and your impact on performance.

The report provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of feedback from you (in your self-assessment mode), your manager, your direct reports, colleagues and others.  The 360° feedback is in the form of both narrative comments and scores.

Through studying the report, you will understand the component parts to each of the winning behaviours and what is working for and against you.  You will also understand the range of views on how your leadership behaviour is perceived by others.

For Executive Coaches

The WINNING Behaviours® is a leadership framework which provides unique insights into your clients’ leadership behaviours and how they impact others and drive the results of the organisation.

Using the online diagnostic questionnaire, you will be able to provide your clients with a comprehensive report about how their leaders’ behaviour affects those around them and consequently affects performance.  This will form the basis of a programme of development that you could offer your clients in order to turn identified losing behaviours into winning ones.  It will also enable you to tailor individual coaching sessions for leaders, and help them to identify the positive behaviours to strengthen, and the negative behaviours to avoid.