Are you a professional involved in leadership development or coaching?

The WINNING Behaviours® is a unique online leadership measurement and development tool which illustrates clearly the link between leadership behaviour and organisational performance.  It is suitable for all types of organisation, large or small, public or private.

Whilst some clients may choose to use the data that The WINNING Behaviours® diagnostic provides as a platform for development programs that they will run in-house, many organisations will seek outside professional expertise.   That may involve a programme of development that could include some one-to-one coaching.

If you are a professional leadership development consultant or an executive coach, please contact us to find out how The WINNING Behaviours® can provide new leadership insights for your existing customers and give you the chance to take on new customers.

Winning Solutions

By working with us, you will have access to tools and resources that will enable you to offer your clients a complete consultancy service through The WINNING Behaviours® with measurable results:

  • Development Guide
  • PowerPoint Sales Presentation
  • Facilitation Notes
  • Recruitment Guide
  • A copy of The WINNING Behaviours® Book

For more information, please email Andy Stevenson at or complete our enquiry form.

A Business Relationship

As one of our trusted consultants, we hope that you will be able to convince your existing clients to allow you to conduct an analysis of their leaders using The WINNING Behaviours®.  From there you will look to offer them appropriately tailored development programmes followed by an optional (but recommended) repeat of the The WINNING Behaviours® diagnostic a year or so later, to enable you to assess how changes in behaviour have enhanced performance, and identify further avenues for development.

For more information about how you, as an experienced executive coach or leadership development professional, can help your clients and help grow your business through using the The WINNING Behaviours® Framework and Tools, please email Andy Stevenson at or complete our enquiry form.


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