DiagnosticsThere are three parts to The WINNING Behaviours® online diagnostic.  The Questionnaire, the Report and the Administration System.

The Questionnaire

To identify how a leader performs against The WINNING Behaviours®, and how performance might be hindered by ‘losing behaviours’, we have designed an online 360° diagnostic questionnaire which uses The WINNING Behaviours® framework.  The leader completes it as a self assessment and the same questionnaire is completed anonymously by people around them, such as the leader’s manager, peers and direct reports.  Others associated with the leader could also be asked to complete it, such as contractors and customers, or members of project groups with which the leader is involved.

The Report

The data is presented graphically and in a straight-forward manner, enabling the leader to immediately see how their own self-rating compares with the ratings of their assessors.   As the report provides both scores and supporting narrative feedback on the three key elements of the framework, it ensures organisations, leaders and coaches have all the information they need.

The Administration System

Through a simple user-friendly interface, an administrator can organise large numbers of questionnaires to be completed by candidates and assessors, swiftly and conveniently.  They will be able to see which questionnaires still need to be completed and they can choose to issue email prompts to those who have still to complete.  Once satisfied that all (or sufficient) questionnaires have been submitted, the administrator can process a candidate’s feedback report at the touch of a button.


The Questionnaire

Completing the questionnaire online is quicker and more convenient for those taking part.  It avoids cumbersome administration involving mounds of paper-based forms, and it guarantees that every completed questionnaire is legible.

The questionnaire, which generally takes less than one hour to complete, includes opportunities to enter narrative feedback using free text. This often provides a range of powerful insights.  We recommend that the diagnostic is repeated, usually a year or so afterwards, in order to demonstrate how the leader developed their behaviour and which aspects of their behaviour they still need to change.

To request an online trial of the The WINNING Behaviours® online diagnostic questionnaire, click here.

The diagnostic questionnaire is powered by:-

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The Diagnostic Report

Once all the questionnaires have been completed, the results are then electronically aggregated, emerging into a comprehensive report that enables the leader to compare how they see themselves against how others see them.


The data is presented in a straight-forward manner providing a score for each of the key elements within the framework, supported by narrative examples.


The report will form the basis for a development or coaching programme.  It is in two parts.  Click here for a sample of The WINNING Behaviours® report.   Click here to see the statistical breakdown of how each category of assessor answered each of the questions.


The Administration System

The WINNING Behaviours® leadership diagnostic questionnaire includes an Administration System through which an administrator can carry out the following functions:-

  • Add new ‘candidates’.  A candidate is the person who is the subject of The WINNING Behaviours® questionnaire.
  • Add new ‘assessors’.  An assessor is a person who will be invited to complete a questionnaire about the candidate.
  • Monitor the completion of questionnaires and pursue as necessary.
  • Generate The WINNING Behaviours® report after the questionnaires have been completed.
  • Add new administrators.

We provide all administrators with an easy-to-follow Administration Guide.  We also provide ongoing technical support free of charge.