Are leaders in blissful ignorance about their behaviour?

Many leaders think that their leadership skills are equal to the sum of their experience, qualifications or the knowledge they may have in their particular field.  Few seem to have any idea of how their behaviour impacts those around them – in fact a good number are in blissful ignorance! It is only when they… Read more »

North Lincolnshire Council use “The WINNING Behaviours®”

The Professional Standards Service, part of the Education Division and People Directorate at North Lincolnshire Council, has chosen “The WINNING Behaviours®” for a new ‘Developing Middle Leader’ programme aimed at Curriculum and Specialist Subject Leaders and also Assistant and Deputy Head teachers in schools across the county. Michael Ogle, School Improvement Officer (Leadership and Management… Read more »

Try ‘The WINNING Behaviours®’ – FREE of charge!

The vast majority of senior managers in any business or organisation are blissfully unaware of how their behaviour impacts on their staff and colleagues and how it, in turn, impacts on business performance.  Now is the chance for you, or for one of your organisation’s leadership team, to find out – FREE of charge! The WINNING… Read more »

Further statistical evidence of how well The WINNING Behaviours® works!

Every quarter, we take a look at our WINNING Behaviours® benchmark data.  This is an aggregation of all the questionnaires completed since the product was launched.  For people who have just received their WINNING Behaviours® report, it provides a clear indication as to how their data looks in comparison to others. So what does the… Read more »

NHS Report emphasises the importance of strong leadership

During the last quarter, Stuart Rose’s report on NHS priorities was published. As the NHS is one of the largest organisations in the world and has so many leaders, I read it with keen interest. I was particularly interested to see how it correlates with The WINNING Behaviours® Framework. From the references in the report… Read more »

NHS Review reveals huge leadership development requirements.

Lord Rose, the former Chairman of Marks & Spencer, was commissioned by the Government to conduct a review of leadership in the NHS.  “Better Leadership for Tomorrow” was published in July. Dave Ormesher sees many commonalities between what Lord Rose recommends in his Review and The WINNING Behaviours® Framework.  Click here to read his two-page article.

More startling evidence of the power of outstanding leadership!

Our latest quarterly analysis of WINNING Behaviours® data has again emphasised the impact which outstanding leaders have on the performance of others and the performance of their organisation. There are now two hundred individual diagnostic reports in our benchmark data. Comparing the average leadership behaviour of the top and bottom ten percent of leaders, the former is… Read more »

Leadership behaviour is key to positive business performance.

Every month, as The WINNING Behaviours® leadership framework and diagnostic questionnaire’s usage increases, we compile a report that summarises the latest aggregated data.  We use this data for benchmarking purposes, so that those who use The WINNING Behaviours® diagnostic can see how their data compares with others. A comparison of the average behaviour scores compiled… Read more »